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Q - Who is Country Roads Group Riding (C.R.G.R.)?
A - We are a group of men and women that represent  a broad age range. We are couples, married couples and singles  The majority of us live in the Knoxville, Tn. area, but we have members scattered all over Tennessee. We also have members in several other states as well.

Q - Do I have to be a member to ride with C.R.G.R.?
A - Heck No! There are very few rules in our club. Being a member is not a requirement to ride with us.

Q - Are all of your rides in the Smoky Mountains?
A - No. Most of our day rides are in the Smokys or the foothills of the Smokys. Weekend rides may or may not be in the mountains. Extended rides almost always leave this area.

Q - What are the rules for riding with you?
A - You and your bike must be completely legal. You cannot be intoxicated. You must  have a motorcycle that is in good mechanical condition. On overnight rides, we use the "leave together and return together" rule. This is somewhat old school but has many advantages. Talk to the RC about what this means.

Q - How do I find out about your rides and your ride schedule?
A - Click on the Rides Link above to see what rides are scheduled for overnight or extended periods of time. Check our Forums section for Impromptu and Day rides.

Q - Do you ever cancel a ride? If so, how do I know a ride has been cancelled?
A - Yes, we sometimes cancel if the weather forecast calls for the day to be a total washout. Sometimes family emergencies popup and the RC cannot make the ride. To be certain there are two places you should check on the website. First, the scrolling Marquee on the very first page lists the rides status. It will say "CANCELLED"  if the ride has been called off. Second, check in the Forums section. The RC may leave a message there.

Q - Do I have to pay anything if I participate in one of your rides?
A - Absolutely not. It would be a nice gesture if you were to reward your Road Captain with a tank of gas or lunch, but there is no obligation and no one will solicit payment from you.

Q - How do I become a Member?
A - Click on the "JOIN CRGR" Link above.

Q - What are the benefits of becoming a member?
A - You get a club patch and pin (available March 1st, 2007). We schedule an annual cookout for "Members only" at  no cost to you. Use of the club's motorcycle trailer for use if you break down. Last but not least, the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you know you are supporting a good group of people who love to ride their motorcycles.

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