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Dan Harvey - This photo was taken by a friend in the Summer of 2000. Dan is an Insurance Adjuster by profession and works from his home which is near Knoxville, Tn. Born in Huntington, West Virginia, he moved to Tennessee in 1986 after visiting The Great Smoky Mountains.  "I fell in love with this area on the saddle of a Honda Scrambler in 1974. It took me twelve years to move here so I guess I am here to stay". He now lives in Jefferson Co. which is about  a one hour drive from the National Park. Dan-1.JPG (20261 bytes) He  has been riding motorcycles since 1969 and now rides a 1999 Harley Davidson FXDWG. Dan has ridden over 17,000 miles in 4 months and sometimes uses his bike as a business vehicle when he travels. He founded "Country Roads"  in January, 2000 after struggling to find others interested in group riding on motorcycles. In it's first season, Country Roads has organized rides all over the Southeast for folks from as far away as Australia with NO CHARGE to participants. (August 2000)


In June, 1999, I bought a new Harley Davidson motorcycle. Nearly 20 years had passed since I owned a bike and I am glad to be back in the saddle.
     I was content just riding by myself for the first few weeks. Soon, the odometer turned over 5,000 miles and the natural beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains was keeping me occupied.
    As time passed, I began to meet a lot of bikers that were riding alone. When I talked to them I saw one common denominator. Nearly everyone would rather be riding with a group instead of riding alone. I share those same feelings. 
    I wondered how it would work if area residents could get on the web and find a group or organization that planned trips on certain dates? My original idea was to restrict our rides to short, one day trips but there also seems to be a need for longer rides. And what if tourists could plan a future ride with us here in the Smokys from their home in California.....or in Australia?
    Our idea is simple. RIDE YOUR MOTORCYCLE. Stop for breaks, gas and food........but RIDE. Whether it be one day or several. Don't go to a rally and park your bike all day. Don't parade in downtown Gatlinburg while warping valves and burning legs. Get what you paid for by putting miles on your bike. RIDE!
    Doesn't that seem simple? Go to a web site and browse dates for planned rides knowing that your participation will mean you are going to see several clicks on the old odometer. Plus. you will have someone around who knows a little about where you are, where you're going and when you will get back. Just turn the throttle and see some of the most beautiful scenery East of the Mississippi.
     Sure, everybody will have to pay for their own accommodations and food on our Extended or Weekend trips, but we give you the names and phone numbers of hotels and campgrounds in the area.
    A conduit for communication is all that is needed. Hopefully, Country Roads web site will serve as that conduit.


MyHD.JPG (64162 bytes)
This is my 1999 HD FXDWG which I bought June 11th, 1999 pictured at "Uncle Dickeys" in Florida.

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